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From Homeless to Hopeful: Affordable Housing Gives Family New Life

Six months ago, Kailei Johnson was on the Internet when something caught her eye. It was an article about a new affordable housing development opening up near her in West Sacramento called West Gateway Place. The photos of the apartments were beautiful — it didn’t look like any other low-income […]

Top 10 Things To Know About California Climate Investments

A few years ago, California started an ambitious program to charge polluters for the climate-changing greenhouse gases they put into our air, and then use that money to promote clean energy and energy savings while bringing the benefits of this growing clean energy economy to our most polluted and economically […]

Tree-Planting Made Possible with New Grants

SACRAMENTO – (INT) – Nearly 2,000 trees will be planted by 11 community groups from Sacramento to Riverside under new grants just announced. Calfire says the trees will help clean the air, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the planting effort will help educate residents in disadvantaged communities about the benefits […]

AC Transit Increases Number of Zero-Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses by 10

AC Transit has received an $8.5 million grant sponsored by the California Air Resources Board to participate in a program designed to decrease greenhouse gases and improve the quality of public health, while additional funds awarded from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District will go toward acquiring 10 zero-emission […]

Workshops Will Help Define Which Communities Get Cap-and-Trade Funds

Several public meetings will be held around the state this week to discuss cap-and-trade investments in disadvantaged communities. The California Environmental Protection Agency and the Air Resources Board will host the public meetings starting tonight in Fresno. See below for times and dates, plus webinar details for those who can’t travel to […]

Electric Buses Grant Awarded

Work should begin within the next 60 days on GreenPower Motor Company’s electric bus manufacturing plant here and the company hopes to begin providing the City of Porterville electric transit buses within 12 months. On Thursday, the long-awaited announcement was made that the California Air Resources Board was awarding $9.5 […]

The Electric Highway: Why California is Sputtering Along

The day Brian Feeney walked into a Palm Springs dealership to buy a new Nissan Leaf, he was fulfilling the dream of state policy-makers to entice Californians to break off their love affair with gas-guzzling cars. But the amount of meticulous research that went into Feeney’s purchase was identical to […]

El liderazgo ambiental tiene son latino

En los pasillos de la capital del estado en Sacramento se escuchan apellidos conocidos: Gómez, González, De León, y Rendón, líderes de la asamblea legislativa y nuevos líderes ambientales en una nueva era para California. Por primera vez en la historia de California, los líderes del Senado y de la […]

Climate Change Bills Help the Poor

FRESNO – Residents in disadvantaged communities in the Central Valley could get help swapping polluting cars for cleaner ones under climate change legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last week atop a downtown parking garage. One of the bills will direct $900 million in cap-and-trade funds to greenhouse gas-reducing programs, support […]

Climate-Change Funds Could Yield New Housing, Parks in Fresno

Fresno will be given $70 million as part of recent climate-change legislation, and the money can be used to create more affordable housing, high-speed rail construction and new parks, Mayor Ashley Swearengin said Friday. At a press conference at City Hall, Swearengin said that Gov. Jerry Brown determined that Fresno […]

Legislative Wrap-up: Environmental Justice, Cap-and-Trade Funding

The lead-up to the end of the California legislative session at midnight last night included a standard amount of grandstanding, tearful farewells, laughter, and exhaustion. Some bills passed and will now await the governor’s good graces, and some died on the legislature floor. Here’s a quick recap of a few […]

California Senate Proposal for Cap-and-Trade Revenues Focuses on Equity

The Senate released a spending plan for the unallocated portion of cap-and-trade revenues today, in the form of Assembly Bill 1613. The plan, say Senate leaders and advocates, focuses on environmental equity while supporting projects that will reduce greenhouse gases. Cap-and-trade revenues, raised at auction from companies that pollute, are […]

Can Electric Vehicles Shed Their Elite Rep?

Electric vehicles may produce fewer carbon emissions and be cheaper to operate in the long term because they don’t rely on gasoline, but they’re more expensive up front than conventional vehicles. Crucially, this has stalled their expansion into the low-income communities that could benefit from them the most. California-based nonprofit […]

Electric Vehicles for All: New Toolkit Shows How to Make It Happen

Electric Vehicles for All: New Toolkit Shows How to Make It Happen Guide Shows Advocates, Government and Corporate Officials How to Bring EV Benefits to Underserved Communities Contact: Bruce Mirken, Greenlining Institute Media Relations Director, 415-846-7758 (cell) BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – Widespread adoption of electric cars and trucks can help clean […]

State to award $9 million for zero-emission trucks at two rail yards, one freight transfer yard in Southern California

Fully electric trucks to help clean air in low-income, disadvantaged communities in San Bernardino, Commerce and Fontana SAN BERNADINO – The State of California is awarding $9 million to the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) for 27 zero-emission trucks to replace diesel-powered heavy-duty tractors used in rail yards and large-scale […]

State to award $23.6 million for zero-emission trucks at seaports

Cleaner air for port-adjacent, disadvantaged communities in Los Angeles, San Joaquin Valley, Oakland, San Diego and West Sacramento SACRAMENTO – The State of California is awarding $23.6 million to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for a statewide zero-emission drayage truck development and demonstration project. The funds, from […]

More Than $74 Million Awarded to 131 Projects Under Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

SACRAMENTO – Caltrans today announced that 131 local projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving public transportation were issued $74.6 million in funding from theLow Carbon Transit Operations Program. This program is one of the strategies the state is employing to meet its ambitious goals to address climate […]

Calif. Just Spent $622M Cap-and-Trade Dollars. Here’s Where

California is spending more of the money generated by its cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions, handing out nearly $622 million this year, with additional dollars on the way. The money includes $457 million toward construction of a planned high-speed rail line to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco; $90 million […]

What’s ‘Waste’ to the Oil Lobby

Big Oil must love income inequality and our country’s shocking racial wealth gap. The industry’s latest campaign aims to perpetuate these injustices while attacking California’s efforts against climate change. The Western States Petroleum Association, lurking behind the front group “CARE” (Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy), has launched a website […]

Assembly Passes Bill to Bring More Cap-and-Trade Funds to Disadvantaged Communities

Assembly Passes Bill to Bring More Cap-and-Trade Funds to Disadvantaged Communities Contact: Bruce Mirken, Greenlining Institute Media Relations Director, 510-926-4022; 415-846-7758 (cell) Isabel Alegría, Public Advocates, 510-541-5428 (cell), Shrayas Jatkar, Coalition for Clean Air Policy Associate, 916-527-8050; 916-248-9952 (cell) Parin Shah, Asian Pacific Environmental Network 415-286-7850 (cell), SACRAMENTO – […]