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Help with Energy Conservation, Cutting Your Electricity Bill and Improving Your Community

Not sure where to start? Here we’ll take you through a series of questions to help find the resources you need. Whether you’re a community group looking to plant trees or expand clean transit, or a family looking to cut your electricity bill, find electric car rebates or get help with energy conservation, find out how California’s climate investments can help you. You can also see All Resources View for a display of all the different resources available.

Are You Interested as a ______?

Individual or Household

Non-Profit Organization


School, School District, or University

Public or Municipal Entity

Private/For-Profit Business

Which of the following most interests you?

Public Transit

(rail or bus services, transit facilities, bike pathways, etc.)

Clean Transportation

(electric vehicle rebates, electric truck and bus technologies, smog testing, etc.)

Sustainable Communities

(housing near transit designed to promote transit use, agricultural lands conservation, etc.)

How do you want to act on climate, save energy, and improve your community?

Greening and Recycling

(tree planting, forest health, recycling, etc.)

Energy Efficiency and Agricultural Efficiency

(weatherization, solar power, agricultural management practices, etc.)

Sustainable Communities and Clean Transportation

(Housing and Neighborhoods, Transit, Clean Cars, etc.)

Which of the following most interests you?


(tree planting, wetlands restoration, forest health, etc.)


(recycling plastic, glass and organic materials; waste management, etc.)

Which of the following most interests you?

Energy Efficiency

Agricultural Efficiency

(irrigation/water efficiency, agricultural management practices, etc.)

Do you live in an urban or rural area?


(regions that are highly populated and densely developed)


(regions with low density in population and development)

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