Opportunities & Resources

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Individuals & Homeowners

Help is available now for Californians who want to cut their energy use and save money on their utility bills.

Business Owners

Help is available now for California business owners  who want to cut their energy use and save money on their utility bills.

For Advocates and Policymakers

Help is available now for climate equity advocates who want to measure and report the impact of climate investments in their communities.

Other Information

  • AB 1550 – Text of California’s latest enhancement to our climate laws, enacted in 2016 to expand SB 535 and bring increased benefits to underserved communities and low-income Californians.
  • AB 32 – Text of California’s climate and clean energy law
  • AB 32 Facts – The basics of how this pioneering law is cleaning our air and boosting California’s economy
  • Addressing Poverty and Pollution: California’s SB 535 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund – Law review article explaining how advocates for underserved communities worked to ensure that California’s climate policies bring real benefits to neighborhoods plagued by poverty and pollution
  • Asthma in California – Important facts about asthma, air pollution and communities of color
  • Business is Booming in California – How California’s clean energy and climate law, AB 32, has fueled economic growth in California
  • CalEnviroScreen – California’s tool for identifying communities with the worst pollution and most economic needs, also available in Spanish.
  • California Delivers –  A coalition of businesses, workers, community and faith leaders, and advocates for public health, consumers, low-income families and the environment working to keep California moving forward
  • California’s Climate Investments: 10 Case Studies – profiles 10 real-world examples of how dollars collected by charging polluters are creating jobs, helping families save money on energy, and even feeding the hungry.
  • Clean Energy & Climate Change: Summary of Recent Analyses for California – A compilation of expert analyses on the impact of California’s clean energy laws.
  • Climate Benefits for California – Use TransForm’s new mapping tool to see where investments are going and what they’re doing to strengthen communities
  • The Climate Gap – How global warming impacts communities of color and low-income Californians
  • Doctors for Climate Health – An American Lung Association campaign that highlights the medical community’s strong support for California’s leadership on clean air and climate policies
  • The Economic Case for AB 32 – How our growing clean energy economy creates jobs,  saves money for consumers and businesses and reduces our dependence on oil
  • Fuels Fact Sheet – Why it’s important to include fuel suppliers in California’s cap-and-trade program in order to cut smog and promote cleaner fuels
  • Global Warming Effects – An interactive map from the Union of Concerned Scientists that illustrates the impact of climate change around the world
  • Low-Income Solar Policy Guide — A helpful guide from GRID Alternatives that shows how well-designed policies can put solar power to work addressing challenges faced by low-income communities, including energy costs, jobs and the high cost of housing.
  • SB 535 – Text of California’s climate justice law designed to make sure climate policy works for disadvantaged communities
  • SB 535 Facts – A  simple, clear explanation of how this important law ensures that money raised by charging polluters goes to help clean the air and increase jobs in California’s most polluted and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • The Link Between Good Jobs and a Low Carbon Future — UC Berkeley study shows that California’s clean energy boom is creating good jobs, especially in parts of the state that have had high unemployment.