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L.A. Offered $1.6 Million for Pioneering Low-Income Electric Carsharing Program

Pilot Program Offers Clean Transportation to Low-Income Communities to Help Cut Smog, Fight Climate Change, and Fulfill Mandate of SB 1275, the Charge Ahead California Initiative Contact: Bruce Mirken, Greenlining Institute Media Relations Director, 510-926-4022; 415-846-7758 (cell) Michelle Kinman, Environment California Clean Energy Advocate, 310-621-8935 Bahram Fazeli, Communities for a Better Environment […]

Car Sharing is Coming to the Barrio

Car esharing is coming to the barrio, homies. Simón–it’s true. Prius plug-in hybrids don’t exactly come with 20-inch rims, but the idea is a good one: The state wants to create environmentally friendly synergy around light rail and bus stops so that lower-income folks dependent on public transportation get a […]