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New Online Tool Connects Californians to Energy-Saving & Climate Programs

OAKLAND – The Greenlining Institute released a new online tool designed to help Californians – individuals and families as well as community groups and local governments – access the many resources funded by cap-and-trade revenues through the state’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. The UpLift Resource Finder is the latest update […]

California Makes Big Money from its Carbon Pricing Program. Who Gets It?

Gov. Jerry Brown recently unveiled a $1.25 billion plan to spend the money raised from California’s cap and trade program. It would put millions of electric cars on the roads, clear tinder from the state’s flammable forests, and replace exhaust-belching motors with cleaner engines. But, according to critics, it wouldn’t […]

City, Advocates Win Grant for Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

STOCKTON — We haven’t won the race. But we’ve got our running shoes on. City officials and advocacy groups earned a small state grant this week that may help position them for a much larger award as soon as 2019 — a chance for serious money that would at least […]

We’re Putting California’s Climate Leadership on the Map — Literally

California is at it again – leading the nation and now the world. This time we are showing leadership on tackling our two greatest crises together: combatting the climate crisis, and doing so in a way that helps our most vulnerable communities. The state is starting to make huge investments […]