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Volkswagen Up Against Deadline in Diesel-Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen had the engine software modified to turn on the vehicle’s emission control system when it was being tested in the lab, then turn it off when the vehicle was on the road, according to U.S. regulators. The statement says the agencies will investigate and take appropriate action. VW has […]

Another View: Climate policies will help poorest Californians

For those who struggle to pay their rent and put food on the table, California’s status as the world’s seventh-largest economy is meaningless. I appreciate Dan Walters’ concern for the poor (“Is state booming? Not really,” Nov. 18). However, having been raised in poverty and representing one of the poorest […]

Ripple Effect: What the VW Scandal Could Mean for the Future of EVs

The effects of Volkswagen’s mass cheating scandal on emissions testing have ripple effects far and wide — and a new digital map is laying out the damage in black and white. The map, developed by Kevala for the California Clean Energy Fund, shows that the resulting air pollution hits poor […]

VW’s Dirty Diesel Dealings Can Lead To Cleaner Air & A More Equitable California

On Friday, Volkswagen will hang its head before the California Air Resources Board, which will determine how the automaker will make amends for mass cheating on pollution testing. It will be a complicated process, but our state leaders should focus the solution where the problem is worst. In California, cars […]

Visualize This: Mapping Regions Polluted by Rigged VW Diesels

I’ve written about the challenges and opportunities in visualizing diffuse public health threats in new ways. Here’s a new effort, created by Kevala Analyticsfor the California Clean Energy Fund. Kevala’s blog post is invaluable.* This interactive map, using car registration information and other data, provides Californians with a statewide view of the hidden and […]

New Interactive Mapping Tool Shows Effects of VW Diesel Scandal and Suggests How VW’s Response Could Make Amends to Those Hardest Hit

New Interactive Mapping Tool Shows Effects of VW Diesel Scandal and Suggests How VW’s Response Could Make Amends to Those Hardest Hit The communities that suffer most should benefit from VW’s post-scandal actions first SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new digital tool displays the registration location of every non-compliant diesel Volkswagen in […]

Charge Ahead California Electric Vehicle Ride-and-Drive at Oakland’s Día de los Muertos

For Immediate Release: November 10, 2015 Contact: Michelle Kinman, 310-621-8935, or Melanie Nutter, 415-235-4076 Charge Ahead California Electric Vehicle Ride-and-Drive at Oakland’s Día de los Muertos Oakland, CA – Oakland community members came out on Sunday November 8, 2015 to learn about how electric vehicles can reduce air pollution, improve […]

Clean Power Takes Off with ‘Breakthrough’ into Low-Income Communities

When California was building its carbon emissions cap and trade program, environmental justice activist Vien Truong and a few others came to the state with an idea. The green economy had been leaving out the people most hurt by pollution — the low-income communities near highways and ports and power […]

California’s Investment in Global Warming Reduction Programs Score Well

The revenue generated from California’s 2006 global warming law (AB 32) is making the air cleaner, saving families money and bringing green jobs to some of the state’s most disadvantaged communities. The Greenlining Institute evaluated 10 of the projects that were funded in fiscal year 2015 through polluter fees generated […]

Dinero de polución ayuda a limpiar comunidades. Además, Nuevo monumento nacional

LUNES 12 DE OCTUBRE. PROGRAMA # 7628 12:00PM (hora del Pacífico) Dinero de polución ayuda a limpiar comunidades. Al aplicar la ley de Soluciones al Calentamiento Global de 2006, California creó un sistema de venta de bonos o derechos de emisión a fin de cobrar a los mayores contaminantes por […]

Fresno Program Aims To Divert Food Waste From Landfills

A new project in Fresno aims to divert tons of food waste from landfills annually to produce renewable energy and feed needy families. The project is one of 10 spotlighted by the Greenlining Institute in a report examining how disadvantaged communities across the state have benefited from the 2006 Global […]

Latinos los que más Sufren por la Contaminación

De los cuatro hijos que tiene Monic Uriarte, la menor Nalleli Cobos de 14 años, es quien más sufrió las consecuencias de crecer a 30 metros de un pozo petrolero operado por la compañía AllenCo Energy Inc. en el sur de Los Ángeles. “Nalleli llegó a los cuatro años a […]

Californians Battle for Far-Reaching Climate Legislation

People’s World By Juan Lopez OAKLAND, Calif. – In the face of fierce opposition from Big Oil companies and Republican legislators, the California state Assembly will decide on an array of pace-setting legislative bills to combat climate change within the next three weeks, thrusting the Golden State into the forefront […]

Overwhelming Majority of California Latino Voters Want Climate Action Now San Francisco, CA — According to a new poll conducted by Latino Decisions for Earthjustice, a national environmental nonprofit law firm, and GreenLatinos, a leading national nonprofit of Latino environmental leaders, 81 percent of registered Latino voters in California strongly support state clean energy standards to combat climate change. Further, […]

New Poll: Latinos Want CA Legislature to Tackle Pollution, Climate Change in Latino Communities By: LOS ANGELES, CA, Aug. 19, 2015 – In a first of its kind effort, new groundbreaking data points to overwhelming support by California Latino voters on critical positions on the need for stronger state efforts in combating pollution particularly in communities of color, reducing our dependency on […]

Low Income? Electric, Hybrid Cars For You in Sharing Plan

Electric and hybrid vehicles will be available to residents in low-income Los Angeles neighborhoods under a car-sharing program funded by a $1.6 million state grant, it was announced Friday. The grant awarded to the city of Los Angeles will fund a three-year program in which about 100 electric and hybrid […]

L.A. Offered $1.6 Million for Pioneering Low-Income Electric Carsharing Program

Pilot Program Offers Clean Transportation to Low-Income Communities to Help Cut Smog, Fight Climate Change, and Fulfill Mandate of SB 1275, the Charge Ahead California Initiative Contact: Bruce Mirken, Greenlining Institute Media Relations Director, 510-926-4022; 415-846-7758 (cell) Michelle Kinman, Environment California Clean Energy Advocate, 310-621-8935 Bahram Fazeli, Communities for a Better Environment […]

Car Sharing is Coming to the Barrio

Car esharing is coming to the barrio, homies. Simón–it’s true. Prius plug-in hybrids don’t exactly come with 20-inch rims, but the idea is a good one: The state wants to create environmentally friendly synergy around light rail and bus stops so that lower-income folks dependent on public transportation get a […]

Coalition Fights for EV Dev in San Diego

A broad coalition has submitted a proposed settlement to the California Public Utilities Commission in an effort to speed up the deployment of smart electric vehicle charging stations in San Diego. The proposal calls for San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) to install smart charging infrastructure at up to 550 […]