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More Than $74 Million Awarded to 131 Projects Under Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

SACRAMENTO – Caltrans today announced that 131 local projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving public transportation were issued $74.6 million in funding from theLow Carbon Transit Operations Program. This program is one of the strategies the state is employing to meet its ambitious goals to address climate […]

Calif. Just Spent $622M Cap-and-Trade Dollars. Here’s Where

California is spending more of the money generated by its cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions, handing out nearly $622 million this year, with additional dollars on the way. The money includes $457 million toward construction of a planned high-speed rail line to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco; $90 million […]

What’s ‘Waste’ to the Oil Lobby

Big Oil must love income inequality and our country’s shocking racial wealth gap. The industry’s latest campaign aims to perpetuate these injustices while attacking California’s efforts against climate change. The Western States Petroleum Association, lurking behind the front group “CARE” (Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy), has launched a website […]

Assembly Passes Bill to Bring More Cap-and-Trade Funds to Disadvantaged Communities

Assembly Passes Bill to Bring More Cap-and-Trade Funds to Disadvantaged Communities Contact: Bruce Mirken, Greenlining Institute Media Relations Director, 510-926-4022; 415-846-7758 (cell) Isabel Alegría, Public Advocates, 510-541-5428 (cell), Shrayas Jatkar, Coalition for Clean Air Policy Associate, 916-527-8050; 916-248-9952 (cell) Parin Shah, Asian Pacific Environmental Network 415-286-7850 (cell), SACRAMENTO – […]


Sacramento, CA – California ReLeaf has announced that nine community groups across the state will receive $385,000 in funding for tree planting projects through the California ReLeaf 2016 Social Equity Tree Planting Program. Individual grants range from $18,500 to $70,000. The grant recipients are engaging in a variety of tree […]

Abogan por la implementación de energía limpia para comunidades minoritarias

Poco a poco, las energías renovables han surgido como una alternativa creciente al carbón y los combustibles fósiles, una tendencia que crece cada vez más en el ámbito de la generación de electricidad en Estados Unidos. La luz solar, el viento, la lluvia, las mareas, y el calor geotérmico comienzan […]

Are You Breathing Dirty Air?

More than half of all Americans (52.1%) live with harmful levels of air pollution, according to the 2016 State of the Air report issued by the American Lung Association. However, the report also found that stronger standards for pollutants and for the sources of pollution have resulted in a continued reduction […]

Many Happy Returns from Cap-and-Trade

Low-income Californians feel the pinch when gasoline, electricity and natural gas prices increase. And it’s logical to think that the state’s Cap-and-Trade program might add to those expenses. But this program is generating billions of dollars to provide an array of benefits to Californians, especially those living in disadvantaged communities. […]

Consumers Union of U S : New Consumers Union Report Finds California’s Clean Transportation Policies Provide Net Savings for Consumers

Analysis projects annual household expenditures on gasoline significantly lower by 2030 Thursday, March 31, 2016 SACRAMENTO, CA – California households are likely to save up to $1,530 each year by 2030 from clean transportation policies, according to a new report from Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy division of Consumer […]

PUC Should Approve Coalition’s Plan for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There are more than 200,000 electric cars on California’s roads, but they are largely restricted to single-family-home neighborhoods because of the lack of charging infrastructure. Meanwhile, more than a third of PG&E’s customers live in apartment complexes or other multiunit dwellings, effectively locking them out of the market. If you […]

Why Fixing Climate Change is Women’s Work

Marla Smith-Nilson has completed more than 1,500 water sanitation projects as founder and executive director of Water1st International, but there’s a moment she still anticipates at the completion of each one. At every ribbon-cutting ceremony for new groundwater wells, a woman from the community—whether in Bangladesh, Honduras, Ethiopia, or India—stands […]

Clean Up the Air, Drive Electric

If you’ve ever been behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, you know that they’re really fun to drive. Many Californians have discovered the joys of electric drive, as our state is nearing 200,000 plug-in vehicles sold, and accounted for more than half of all the EVs sold in the […]

Affordable Housing: A Tool to Fight Smog, Traffic

We generally think it a big success when public policy successfully fixes a serious problem. Right now, smart California policies are effectively tackling three major issues at once: housing, traffic, and climate change. Anyone not living under a rock knows that California faces an unprecedented crisis in housing affordability. Skyrocketing […]

Connecting California’s Climate Change Fight to Affordable Housing

Californians now have a better tool to track where the billions of dollars being collected through the state’s cap-and-trade program are being invested in their communities. An updated online map from TransForm, a transportation and walkability advocacy group, tallies projects receiving funding through the program, and their estimated greenhouse gas […]

Mapping the Benefits of California Climate Change Policy

TransForm has updated and relaunched its Climate Benefits map, adding new data and a video about California’s climate investments. The map now includes a user-friendly “tour” to help people understand and search for data on where California’s cap-and-trade revenue goes. TransForm’s map is currently the only detailed, user friendly information available […]

New Video, Updated Mapping Tool Show Impact of California’s Climate Investments

A Place to Call Home reveals climate program’s benefits WEST SACRAMENTO — Billions of dollars of climate investments are flowing to California’s communities, but what does that really look like? A new video and updated mapping tool help show us. The video, co-produced by TransForm and The Greenlining Institute, provides […]

Climate Change, Poverty and Pollution: It’s All the Same Fight

Have you ever felt desperate? Today, I notice desperation in the faces of my neighbors in Oakland, California. Our world feels and looks unhealthy. Our communities carry a heavy burden and I share in their pain. Low-income communities are hit first and worst by climate change, and now in the […]

Paris Climate Talks Should Look to California

Leaders gathering in Paris to hash out an international agreement on fighting climate change should look to California for examples. My home state not only leads the way in attacking global warming, it’s doing it by keeping the focus on people, communities and equity for all. California’s multi-pronged effort charges […]

Obama at COP21: Climate Change ‘Growing Threat’ to All Countries; Latinos ‘Worried’ About Climate

President Barack Obama is in Paris to participate in climate change talks, an issue the Latino community has made a priority. Government representatives from 195 countries are in Paris to address climate change, in a United Nations meeting known as Conference of Parties (COP) 21. During a speech on Monday, […]